Spring Break and Adoption Update

Whew! I don’t know who looks forward to Spring Break more, my high school students or the teachers! Though spring break brings happy thoughts it also reminds me of two years ago when tests proved my breast cancer had moved to my liver. Since then I have been living on chemotherapy much like people need insulin or dialysis. For 18 months we had great success. We saw reduction of lesion sizes and no new growth. Then in September of this year, we found new growth in the liver and heart failure due to the drug I was on. Time to change gears! These new chemo drugs are kicking my behind. My blood counts roller coaster, my hair has fallen out, (at least it cuts down on time it takes to get ready) I can’t taste any food, (I love to cook and eat!) and now to top it off, my fingernails are turning black and hurt like crazy. Oh, i have no feeling on my fingertips and my skin sheds like a snake. Oh, the joys of chemo.

Adoption Update

We sent our completed paperwork (and there were 14 documents total) to China last Sept. It was accepted by China on Sept. 19, 2001 (this is our “DTC” date in adoption lingo). There is normally a 12-13 month wait from DTC to referral (when they actually send a picture of our daughter and give us permission to come pick her up). So…..we have waited for almost 6 months and we are half way there! Considering that she will be 6 months to 1 year old at referral this means that she COULD very well be born any day now..maybe even today.

An Instructions To The 3 Most Frequent House Ac Systems

The home air conditioning systems market seems to be growing year on year. It is not so many years since you had a selection of only about three different models and all where massively cumbersome and pretty pricey. Now there the market is flooded with several variations and designs to choose from.

Selection between the systems is not only a financial decision, each of the different systems have different benefits and will suit different buildings. There are three fundamental kinds of home ac systems.

1. Central air conditioning. Most of us will have central heating, but that does not necessarily mean that you should have central air con. This is the most expensive system you could have, and in the majority of resources it is simply useless. This is really only practical at the deluxe end of the property market and for new build where the expense of installation is significantly reduced by installing the system when there’s no cosmetic finish in place.

2. Portable air conditioning unit. This was the original kind of home air conditioning systems and it still very important. If you only need air con for a short time of the year then this is possibly the ideal solution for you. Although they do take up quite a bit of space it is suitable to be able to move them between rooms and to be capable of put them out of sight during the cooler months. Be warned that they’re fairly heavy, so moving them between rooms on one floor is okay, but you possibly will not intend to be lugging them up and down the stairs.

3. Wall or window mounted unit. These are a great invention. They are very efficient and sit quite flat to the wall or window so they are not space hungry. They are however permanent, and not the most attractive accessory. For rooms that are hot almost all year round they’re the ideal solution. However, if you only need it for a a few months, you might not want to spend the rest of the year looking at it.

Which ever form of home air conditioning system you choose to opt for it is significant to read plenty of reviews and understand the cost of running the system as this can sometimes be higher than estimated.

Most manufacturers are continuously updating their designs and as a result you can often buy last years designs at discount prices as retail outlets intend to shift the stock before the new style arrives.