Posted by : David | On : March 30, 2014

The Apple iPod, now the world’s most popular mp3 player, was created in October of 2001 in 5 and 10 GB selections. Today, there are currently 3 models of the iPod being sold in both fourth and sixth generations. This line consists of the 4th generation iPod Touch, 6th generation iPod Nano and the fourth generation iPod Shuffle. All of these models are geared to a certain population and have different characteristics and features.

The iPod Touch, which was first released in 2007, is widely considered the most popular of the line and was the first touch screen mp3 player available on the market. The iPod Touch was also advertised to offer more than just music through its app store which offers games, books, and every day apps that will make your life easier. This technology was the first of its kind and has spurred a movement towards touch screen technology and multi-purpose mp3 players.

The iPod Nano has just recently been revamped to include touch screen technology which is found in the iPod Touch. This screen is much smaller though and may not be as useful when it comes to the entertainment side of the apps.

Finally, the iPod Shuffle, is currently the smallest iPod and has no screen, just a miniature spin wheel to control the songs. This iPod also features the VoiceOver technology which allows the listener to call off what song they would like to hear and make calls for housewife phone sex sessions.

It will be interesting to see what other products Apple will produce in the future and what future models of the current line will be like.



Posted by : David | On : March 29, 2014

The luxury apartment that I have recently purchased was previously owned by two London escorts. Their exceptional taste in interior design and furnishings had transformed the apartment from a drab and dreary place to live to a splendid abode with lots of expensive fixtures and fittings including a very modern wet room.

I discovered that the ladies originally bought the property for two hundred thousand pounds but spent another fifty thousand doing it up, which unfortunately for them didn’t turn out to be much of an investment because I have bought it for the bargain price of one hundred and sixty thousand pounds.

There is very little that I plan to do to change it apart from maybe changing the colour of the kitchen cabinets from purple to red and perhaps add some louvre doors to the balcony.

I have definitely bought the apartment at the right time and although I have been looking at other properties to invest in, I think I will live in the apartment for at least five years.



Posted by : David | On : March 26, 2014

I have been working with the Sheffield escort agency for several years. When I first started working there I was working for the answering service and taking several messages a day from the clients. It was decent money and the hours were pretty flexible for me. One of the girls was talking to me one day and told me that I should start being an escort because I would make more money.

I was juggling both jobs while I was gaining my clients, now I am up to a six figure income. It took a lot of dedication and hard work and I had to focus on pleasing my clients. I have not been able to have a normal relationship because none of the men trust me for the work that I do, they can’t stand it! I’ve been over that for quite awhile and have stayed away from having relationship, no strings attached sex is the best!



Posted by : David | On : February 27, 2014

Jan was single when she took a business trip to Glasgow for a couple days. Glasgow escorts are great so Jan decided to order one just for companionship and not for sexual reasons. Jan worked for a company in London and been to Glasgow many times before so Jan didn’t see the need to sitesight this time she went. The escort Jan ordered was a cute Glasgow native around Jan’s age. The two of them went to a pub and shared a drink but neither one got drunk. The two of them found out they had a lot in common and shared some of the same interests. Jan decided to quit her job in London to move to Glasgow to be with this guy. Soon the escort gave up his job and got a job at the beting shop instead.